Agrotècnica del Segrià participates in the actions carried out in Rambla de Aragón

Agrotècnica del Segrià has participated in the project “Implementation of a low emission zone and actions for a change of city model in Lleida”, promoted by Lleida City Council, carrying out a series of improvement actions in Rambla de Aragón. Improvements related to the landscaping of the area have been carried out for a value of 67,302.70 €.

As a company committed to the environment and sustainability, we have been working together with other companies and organisations to promote a more responsible and nature-friendly urban development.

The actions are located from the northern end of Rambla de Aragón to the southern part, where the emblematic fountain of Rambla de Aragón is located, forming the intersection with Lluís Companys street. A total of 22 flowerbeds have been landscaped, plus the area around the fountain, and different shrub species have been planted with a localised and automated irrigation system. Also, trees of native species, agroclimatically adapted to the climate of the city, have been added along the entire length of the watercourse in tree surrounds that extend over a base of 7 to 10 cm thick sablon. The trees are trained and also have a localised and autonomous irrigation system.

Our aim is to encourage the integration of nature into the city, through the creation of natural urban spaces and the implementation of sustainable, high efficiency and low maintenance irrigation techniques. We believe that this will not only improve the quality of life and the sense of comfort of citizens, but will also contribute to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity in the urban fabric.

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