Remodeling of Plaça Joan Font in Premià de Mar

Agrotècnica del Segrià has carried out the project to improve the Plaça Joan Font by Premià de Mar City Council. The purpose of this remodelling was to improve and facilitate the access of the square, enhance the existing monument, solve the problem of the pines’ roots and decrease the visual impact caused by the construction facade in the southern area of the space.

The plaza pavement has been restructured with the addition of a 10 centimetres thick sablon layer and different pieces of prefabricated concrete have been modified in the different areas. Several iron gardens have been placed across the space, especially around the square monument to enhance it visually.

There has been a replacement of existing furniture with more functional banks and chairs, the source has been replaced with a new one that incorporates dog drinking and bins have been added for the correct waste management. The space now has a central area with exercise equipment and a vertical garden protected by a wooden fence that increases biodiversity by incorporating several species of native flora.

The total cost of the project was 216. 458,04 €.

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