Interconnection of Sant Antoni and Brises del Mar

Agrotècnica del Segrià has carried out the interconnection of the Sant Antoni and Brises del Mar reservoirs at the expense of Altafulla Town Council. The work consisted of installing a pressure pipe from the Sant Antoni reservoir, which supplies part of the municipality of Altafulla, to the Brises del Mar housing development.

The impulsion pipe installed is a high-density polyethylene pipe, with a nominal diameter of 200 mm and a length of approximately 3,507 m. During its route, it had to pass through the reservoir to the Brises del Mar housing development. During its route, it has had to cross different singular points, such as the CN-340 road, where it has been necessary to cross the road by means of a horizontal perforation. By means of the perforation, the supply pipe is installed and protected inside a steel sheath at a depth of 3 m from the level of the road surface.

Other singular points that have been solved by the route of the supply pipe are the TP-214 road, the AP-7 motorway, the old Reus-Roda de Barà railway line, and the CAT pipeline. This work has had a total cost of 421,667.61 €.

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